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Alice Through the Looking-Glass

Earlier this year, I was approached by the Stratford Festival to create some cookies based on their upcoming play, Alice Through the Looking-Glass. The cookies were to be included as part of a special invitation to the opening night, so it was important that the topsy-turvy, dream-like theme of the play was captured on the cookies.
I chose a curvy cutter shape for a whimsical touch, then used a beige base layer of icing and hand-painted the characters onto the cookies. To add more of a dream-like feel, I dabbed alternating layers of gold and brown edible colour onto the edges once dry.
I was honoured and excited to re-create the fantastical costume sketches originally developed by Bretta Gerecke. After getting a peek into the play, I can’t wait to see it when I visit Stratford this summer! xo
Alice Through the Looking-Glass opens this Saturday, May 31st.  For more information or to purchase tickets, click here.


The girl behind the cookies

A couple of years ago, I started baking and decorating sugar cookies as a hobby. Since then, I’m often introduced to any friend-of-a-friend as, “the cookie girl!” or “the girl behind the cookies!”. My hobby has quickly turned into a business, and I’m blessed to now spend my time creating edible art for people to enjoy.
As a self-taught ‘cookie artist’, there is always more to learn, new skills to acquire, and room to grow creatively. I’m inspired by many things around me – from nature, to art, to food, fashion and vintage finds. I hope that this blog will shed a little more light on the life and inspiration behind hello baked; a little fashion, a little lifestyle, and of course, all things cookies. xo