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G.E.M. XXX Tour Cookies

Once in a while, a project comes along that completely catches me off-guard – in the best way possible. This was the case with one of my most recent sets, a very special order for Chinese pop star G.E.M., who is currently training at the aviation centre in the Netherlands to do a live performance in space (yes, space!!!).  


As part of the G.E.M. XXX Tour she also made a stop in Toronto to play a show at the Air Canada Centre, and the team at MLSE Live wanted to celebrate her upcoming trip to space with a customized gift: decorated sugar cookies!

G.E.M. XXX Tour

They had some great design ideas in mind, and I got to work figuring out which techniques would best represent each one. The one I had the most fun with was the “space” design, airbrushed with black, deep purples and pinks. I mixed some white food colouring, silver lustre dust, and vodka together and hand-painted the stars onto each. I think those were the cookies that really tied together the other designs and gave the set a “galactic” feel.

G.E.M. XXX Tour cookies

G.E.M. XXX Tour cookies

It was such an honour – and so much fun – to work on this set with MLSE Live! To check out more of the backstage experience with G.E.M., you can visit the MLSE Live Instagram here
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