Monthly Archives: February 2016

Inspired by: Banana Republic


If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably noticed that almost every caption I write includes an emoji (or two, or three!) – I am an avid, enthusiastic and shameless emoji user. So when I was approached to create a design using the “twinning” emoji to celebrate the launch of Banana Republic’s new Ryan-Fit Floral Slim-Straight Pant, I was pretty excited.
The Ryan-Fit Slim Straight pant comes in a few different patterns and colours, but this floral painted print is the perfect way to brighten your wardrobe into Spring. I love the purples, pinks and blues and couldn’t wait to try my hand at re-creating these on the twinning emoji girls!
I used a mixture of Wilton’s Rose Petal Pink gel colour and a tiny bit of Royal Blue for the pink portions, then progressively added more Royal Blue to achieve the purple, and finally the solid Royal Blue portions. Although it’s not necessary to mix colours like this, I find that adding little bits of each colour to the other help them complement one another in the final look.
If you love this print but are looking for some alternative styles, it also comes in this flattering Pencil Skirt and chic Dillon-Fit Shirt.
Thanks for reading! xo