The price list below is a general guide, as prices may vary depending on design, size and quantity. The minimum order quantity is 4 dozen cookies or spend of $250; exceptions may apply for Special Projects. Please contact me for a custom quote. 
Basic: $5.00 – $5.50/cookie. Minimal piping detail. Eg. Solid colour hearts with polka dots
Detailed: $5.75 – $9.00/cookie. More labour-intensive designs. Can include hand-painted elements, including gold details.
Elaborate: $10.00+/cookie. Detailed, customized design. Can include hand-painted elements, hand-cut shapes, intricate font work and/or fine details. Eg. Logos, product-inspired designs.
Price includes individual cookie packaging in a clear cellophane wrapping, with an invisible seal at back. Freight is extra.                   *Packaging fees apply for labels, tags and ribbon.