Studio Tour: The Cake Collective

The Cake Collective
People often ask me about the kitchen space I bake in. Is it a shared space? What kind of other foods are prepared there? What does it look like? Though I’ve put up a couple posts on my Instagram and Facebook pages of the space here and there, I wanted to give you all a bit more insight into my shared studio space at The Cake Collective.
The Cake CollectiveWhen you first walk in, there is a consultation room to the left. It’s a convenient space to meet clients right within the building, rather than going offsite, so you can continue working before and after the meeting. It also allows us to give our clients a peek into the space where their orders are created.
The team there kindly displays some of the members’ work so that clients can see the other types of bake services offered. (Cake on the left by Sweet Carnival Cakes).
Down the hallway is a room to keep our personal belongings. This space comes in handy since we have to change into different clothing to bake in. A little further down the hall is the personal kitchen, where members can go for a quick break or meal in between working.

The Cake Collective

And finally: the studio! This is a shared professional kitchen where pastry chefs and other bake artists can bake, design and assemble goods in a licensed facility. There are 10 different stations that come equipped with a KitchenAid mixer, scale, induction burner, cake turntable, and cleaning supplies. The rest of the equipment is spread throughout so that it’s easily accessible for everyone. There are several small fridges within the kitchen and a large walk-in fridge in the back room.

The Cake Collective

Walk-in Fridge

The open plan space makes it easy to access the many, many tools we bake artists use. Seriously, they are fully stocked with every kind of tool you might need! They’re also pretty observant about which tools may be missing or helpful to the artists, and are quick to supply them (such as one of my new favourite tools, the dough leveller).

Baking equipment

Cake Decorating tools

Baking equipment

Baking tools
Baking Ingredients
As I’m a bit of a neat freak myself, I appreciate that the studio considers cleanliness a priority. There are separate sinks for washing hands and produce, and the equipment washing bins have a 3-step sanitization process. Aprons, disposable gloves, and even hair ties are provided for members’ use while in the kitchen.
Perhaps one of the greatest assets of a shared space is that with so many different types of artists making anything from cakes, to cookies, to pies, to macarons (and more!), we can all learn from and get inspired by each other’s work. Thank you to the team at The Cake Collective for creating such a bright, beautiful, shared space!

The Cake Collective


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  1. Sherrie Goolsby

    Hi Jessica, how do I get chosen (or get on a list) to make cookies and donate them for the GO Bo Foundation?


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