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Killer Career Advice from Inspiring Women

My “resolutions” usually abound year-round as I learn, grow, and explore – but there is something about a new year that makes everything feel like an opportunity for a fresh mindset, a new start. As we look forward to the year ahead, I thought I’d share some great advice I’ve come across from some mighty inspiring women. You can read the full articles on the blogs of One Kings Lane and Quaintrelle.
I’d love to hear – what are some of your resolutions for 2015? xo
kate spade 2015 agenda“Never get comfortable. Always be learning, growing, and making sure that you’re relevant. If you work for a company, find something that other people aren’t doing and offer to do it. You’ll keep adding skills to your tool set, and pretty soon you’ll have far more options than the person who just stayed on one straight path.”—Kathy Mandato, senior vice president, human resources, for NBC West Coast Entertainment
“Don’t look around; just keep looking ahead. By that I mean it’s easy to get caught up with what everyone is doing around you. When I was thinking of starting my bag company, I’d think, ‘Well, so-and-so already has a bag company. And they do it better. And they do this and do that.’ But you can’t think that way. Just focus on what you’re doing, look forward, and keep putting one foot in front of the other.”—Clare Vivier, fashion designer
“When you truly find your talent and your purpose, everything falls into place. One thing after another will come together and success, both external and internal, will flow. 2014 was a year where things I never thought possible came into full fruition. Once you know who you are and where you are supposed to be, go for it and never back down.” — Kelley Lilien, founder and designer of Mrs. Lilien 


Office Space

hello baked office spaceWhen I’m not in the kitchen baking or decorating, most of my time is spent at my desk working on design ideas, researching new trends, editing photos, answering emails, working on my website, and of course preparing content for this blog!
Since I spend a good amount of time at my desk, it’s important to fill my space with functional pieces that inspire me. I like to surround myself with a clean design aesthetic to keep me organized, focused, and motivated in my day-to-day. And some chic stationary doesn’t hurt either…

hello baked office spacehello baked office space

{A print I created as a reminder to stay challenged and focused. It also inspired this set of motivation cookies.}

hello baked office space

statement necklaces

hello baked office space

{Hand-carved elephant from my trip to Sri Lanka, alongside words uttered to me that serve as constant inspiration.}

ban.do gem speaker

Garance Dore stationary

{Weekly To Do lists are a necessity}

Kate Spade Journal

{I always have a journal within reach to jot down the things that pop into my head throughout the day – new ideas, short and long-term goals, advice, and other bits of inspiration.}

hello baked office space

Friday Favourites

Art: I’m in the process of creating a gallery wall for my office and ordered this custom painting from my talented friend Claire Oostrom. I absolutely love it! She captured my favourite flowers, peonies, and incorporated beautiful pastels which are a perfect complement to my office décor. Now, I’m on a hunt to find the right frame for this gorgeous piece of art!
The little things: This bright David’s Tea pineapple bubble mug + a Caramelito Nespresso latte have been my go-to for morning joe this week. 
Daily Inspiration: This was one of those weeks when I needed a little boost; some daily reminders and inspiration to overcome the hurdles that life sometimes presents you with. I ordered this book from Shop by Monika, and it’s fitting that it came wrapped with gold polka dot paper and confetti (which put an instant smile on my face). It’s a simple book written with great depth. It celebrates women – mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, friends – it is about our sense of spirit, heart, caring, strength and accomplishment. “She” is celebrated through these quotes. I also love giving this book as a gift, as I think we could all use a little encouragement now and again 🙂
Pekoe: We recently had a health scare with my cat, Pekoe (named after my favourite Orange Pekoe tea, of course) – one of 3 episodes in her short 2 years! Thankfully she seems on the road to recovery, and though she’s smothered with love every day, this week she’s gotten a lot of extra kisses and a few more treats tossed her way.
Have a lovely weekend! xo