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Office Space

hello baked office spaceWhen I’m not in the kitchen baking or decorating, most of my time is spent at my desk working on design ideas, researching new trends, editing photos, answering emails, working on my website, and of course preparing content for this blog!
Since I spend a good amount of time at my desk, it’s important to fill my space with functional pieces that inspire me. I like to surround myself with a clean design aesthetic to keep me organized, focused, and motivated in my day-to-day. And some chic stationary doesn’t hurt either…

hello baked office spacehello baked office space

{A print I created as a reminder to stay challenged and focused. It also inspired this set of motivation cookies.}

hello baked office space

statement necklaces

hello baked office space

{Hand-carved elephant from my trip to Sri Lanka, alongside words uttered to me that serve as constant inspiration.}

ban.do gem speaker

Garance Dore stationary

{Weekly To Do lists are a necessity}

Kate Spade Journal

{I always have a journal within reach to jot down the things that pop into my head throughout the day – new ideas, short and long-term goals, advice, and other bits of inspiration.}

hello baked office space

First Impressions: The business card

I’ve always thought that first impressions are incredibly important – it may be your only chance to communicate your personal brand to someone. Since business cards are often exchanged during a first meeting, they’re a quick and easy way to communicate your individuality and what someone can expect from your product that sets you apart from others’. 
I believe that people who connect with my work also share my personal style and design aesthetic: classic and sophisticated with a twist. So when I started designing my new business cards, I knew that I wanted to translate that sentiment into a punchy first impression on paper.
To me, black and white together are the ultimate classic and refined look. But there can be a fine line between classic and boring, so I decided to use a gold foil finish to make my logo pop. I opted for a thin, delicate font but a thick card stock for a confident and purposeful feel.
I found this acrylic makeup tray at Marshall’s on a recent trip across the border and knew instantly that it would make the perfect desktop accessory. My business cards now have a home right next to me, and are easily accessible along with some other goodies (including these spotted match boxes, which are handy as I often have a scented candle burning desk-side!). I had my cards printed through RockDesign, a Vancouver-based company with exceptional customer service. I couldn’t be happier with the finished product! xo

Business Cards-8

Acrylic tray: Marshalls | Bow Push Pins: Kate Spade via Chapters/Indigo | Paper Clips: Target | Spotted Matchboxes: BelloPop | Business Cards: RockDesign